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Welcome to Simply Interpreting™.  Here Interpreter's will find everything they need working with Simply.  When you first join Simply, please prepare your W9 and Provider Application form and submit all of your documents through the "Submit Documents" box below.  Ensure your email settings are set up to receive our emails by whitelisting our domains (,, and, see instructions on how to do this in the "Whitelist Domain" box below.  Finally, subscribe to receive our daily open offers by clicking on "Subscribe to Offers" and complete the form.  To turn off daily offers, click on the "Unsubscribe" box below.  If you need any assistance, please contact our Onboarding Team at 1-810-510-1000.

Onboarding Documents & Links

Important Forms & Contacts When Working With Simply

Important: Interpreter's FAQ's
Q1) How do I get work?  A1) Search and request work from our Jobs Portal, The Simply App, or respond to our offers by Email, Phone or SMS.

Q2) What do I do if there is a patient no-show?  A2) Remain at the facility and inform our Customer Service team by phone or SMS.  Typically if the facility verifies that the patient is not coming, you will be granted a no-show.  In the event that the facility can not verify the status of the patient, you may be asked to remain at the facility for one hour to see if the patient shows up.  You may contact our Customer Service team again for your release.

Q3) What do I do if I'm running late or can't make an assignment?  A3) Our goal at Simply Interpreting is 100% success and this means being 10 minutes early to each and every assignment with zero Missed, zero Lates, and zero Complaints every month.  We understand that life happens, the experience can be smooth through the use of proactive communication.  A phone call to the facility to politely inform them of the situation and see if they are willing to wait while providing your ETA.  Or if you are unable to do this, you can contact the Simply Customer Service team for assistance.  When we have an urgent issue, it's all hands on deck to solve the issue.  Although if we are not aware of the issue, there is nothing for us to try to solve or save.  If you think you might be late or unable to make an assignment, please Email, Text and Call the Simply Customer Service team to let us know so we can start working on it.  If you are able to assist and recommend a replacement, that makes life easier for everyone involved as well.  We can achieve our goals when we work together as a team and use proactive communication.

Q4) How do I get paid?  A4) Keep things simple, please prepare one Invoice per month and submit it via the "Submit Invoice" button above.  Simply provides a number of templates above in 1 page, 2 pages and 3 pages format for convenience and faster Invoice processing.  You may use your own Invoice template, but do ensure all of the necessary details are on your Invoice to avoid delays in your payment.  (Tip: Compare our Invoice template to yours to ensure you provide all of the information we requested on our Invoice template).  You may get paid by bank check or ACH Direct Deposit.  Please notify us in advance of any changes to your personal information (Legal name, business name, address, bank account number, etc.).  Please deposit and cash checks before they expire (check the date and expiry on the check), your bank will return expired checks and it will cause a delay in reissuing a new check to you.  Accounting matters are handled by Controllers via Email at

Q5) What happens when I finish an assignment?  A5) Congrats!  Report the duration and outcome to us by Email or SMS.  You can also report appointment durations and follow-up assignments via the "Durations & F/U's" box above.

Q6) How do I get my Follow-Ups?  A6) Interpreters who report Follow-Up Assignments are given priority to that job.  Keep in mind that it is very possible that another provider has already reported the Follow-Up, another person may have called in and scheduled a block of assignments previously, or that authorization is not granted to Simply to take on the Follow-Up assignment.  We feel that the best answer to Follow-Ups is to give priority to those who reported the Follow-Up first, taking into consideration that we will not remove the assignment from another Interpreter if it was previously scheduled.  Many Interpreters keep a record of their outstanding Follow-Ups and email our Customer Service team daily for action.

Q7) How do you handle Late-Cancellations?  A7) Late-Cancellations are counted by hours on the clock irrespective of business days or holidays.

Q8) I have a comment or concern to bring to senior management, whom can I speak to?  A8) Many of the Interpreters who joined Simply in the year 2017 and 2018 worked directly with the management team.  As Simply grew, so did our team.  Our goal at Simply is to keep management involved and accessible to Interpreters working for us.  Any Interpreter who has a concern, comment, suggestion, or even a complaint, you are welcome to Email management directly at  Please use a unique subject line so that we see your Email, our goal is to read and respond to every Email inbound to the management team.  If we did not respond, feel free to follow-up with us again or ask the Customer Service team to ping the management team to look for your message.  We value all of the input and suggestions made by Interpreters and we have implemented many great new tools on behalf of brainstorming together.  Thank you for your contributions, hard work, and efforts to Simply Interpreting.

The Simply Interpreting App

We are pleased to announce that the Simply Interpreting™ Mobile App is now available on both the Apple and Android store.


The Simply Interpreting™ App requires you to register in advance with our Customer Service team.  From there, you will be provided with your username and password to log-in.  With the Simply App, you'll be able to view available offers, request assignments and view your upcoming schedule with Simply.

We look forward to working together!

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