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Demand for Interpreting remains strong with new hurdles for Remote Interpreting

Interpreters are essential workers, essential to ensure that all people receive an excellent level of medical care when communicating with their Physicians. With the onset of Covid-19, many Interpreters, Physicians, Facilities, and Patients were unsure if they would be willing to commute to a building and interact with others, but shutting down the medical industry was not an option. People quickly adapted.

Many Facilities implemented new Covid-19 protocols, from primary screens upon arriving at the facility, some even requiring a rapid test. Washing your hands, temperature checks, and wearing a face mask is the new normalcy. Be sure to arrive extra early to allow time for these added procedures.

Other Facilities opted to move as much work to Remote Interpreting as possible. With the increase in Remote Interpreting and with in-person Interpreters seeking to expand their offerings or shift altogether to Remote Interpreting, we can expect a lot of hurdles adjusting to a new style of working.

When working from home and with technology, many might think it is as easy as turning on your computer. That is not the case. Remote Interpreters need to ensure their computers meet the basic requirements, have reliable electricity and high-speed internet services, Interpreters must be presentable professionally and in a quiet secured setting to protect the privacy of the session. Before getting ready for your appointment, ensure that your computer is all updated (this could take hours, if not), including your operating system, internet browser, and software used for the Remote session. Ensure that you have the links and log-in credentials and test logging on early to ensure that any needed last-minute plug-ins are installed and ready. When logged in, be sure you introduce yourself, and screenshot your session (start and end times) with a date and timestamp in case a client disputes your whereabouts or the duration of your session.

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