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Place an Order (How To)

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Simply Interpreting's goal is to make things Simple. This means predictable pricing, one easy flat rate per hour, with no surprises.

How To: Place an Order (Or Receive a Quotation)

We want you to contact us on your terms

1) Text Message at 1-347-561-8588 (Text messages only to this number, please)

2) Email at

3) Call us at 1-810-510-1000

4) Chat with us on our website at (Click Simply then Live Chat for a faster response)

What Information Will We Need?

1) Type of Service (In-Person Interpretation, Remote Interpretation, Transcription, Translation or Transportation Services) 2) Language

3) Certification Level of our Interpreter (CCHI or CMI Medical Certified, or State of California Court Certified)

4) Date/Time/Location of Service

5) Appointment Type and Duration (if known)

6) For Transcription and Translation services, we will need to know the length of the audio/video file or see the text to be translated.

7) For Transportation services, we will need to know what type of transportation, date/time, pickup, and dropoff points.

For most languages and services, we will provide an instant quotation and confirmation. For some locations or languages, we will first reach out to confirm the assignment and get back to you when it is confirmed.

Here at Simply Interpreting, we want all of our customers to be satisfied with our services and our customer service. Should you need to speak with the owner, you may email Marcus directly at Marcus at simplyinterpreting dot com.

We look forward to serving your Interpretation, Translation, and Transportation needs.

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