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Interpreters can earn extra by offering Transportation services

The goal of Simply Interpreting is to optimize your schedule. By optimizing your schedule, you can save time and money focusing on assignments that better suit you and earn more with the ability to complete more assignments.

Interpreters quickly found their ideal days and times to take up assignments, this often depends upon their location, traffic conditions, en-route tolls, and parking at the facility. By focusing their efforts at convenient facilities, Interpreters are able to work more efficiently having a thorough understanding of protocols and the working styles of physicians at the facilities. Interpreters often become preferred Interpreters at their facilities of choice and it creates efficiency for all parties.

Injured Workers may lack access to reliable transportation or may need additional assistance getting to the facility due to their injuries. Often time, patients need to visit a variety of physicians and different facilities during their recovery period and may not be familiar with the travel route or delays getting from one place to another. Interpreters are experts at what they do, and they know traffic patterns and parking better than Google Maps. Interpreters can put this knowledge to work by offering transportation services to patients. When optimized, Interpreters can pick up their morning appointments and everyone would arrive at the facility at the same time. Interpreters would receive compensation for transporting patients and also have the certainty of knowing the patients are at the facility, and not have to lose valuable time waiting for those who may be late.

To join the Simply Interpreting network as a driver, please submit the following documents to Simply Interpreting via email to cs@simplyinterpreting.com:

1. Driver License

2. W9

3. Social Security Number (for background checks)

4. Car Registration

5. Car Insurance

6. Car Photos (each exterior side plus interior front and rear, and VIN number)

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