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The Simply Process - For Interpreters


Welcome to Simply Interpreting We Make Interpreting Simpler



Contact our Onboarding Specialist to discuss your qualifications and to determine if there is a fit for you at our agency. You may reach our Onboarding Specialist by calling our Interpreter's Simply Line at +1.810.510.1000 or by e-mail at For non appointment specific matters, please reach out to us in the afternoon time as the morning time is our peak hour.

1) Speak with our Onboarding Specialist 2) Receive an e-mail offer 3) Confirm acceptance by replying to the e-mail 4) Provide your W9 and Interpreter certifications 5) Start working for us

Wow! That was Simple! Complete your onboarding process in just 1 business day


A typical day as a Simply Interpreter Our scheduling team will e-mail you daily reminders to check our Open Offers portal when new assignments are ready. You can log onto our easy to use Open Offers portal showing you real-time unassigned appointments available for taking. You can be choosy, bookmark your preferred language, service and cities to only see offers that are relevant to you. What's better? You can search and filter by date, time, facility, doctor and even assignment type! Get exactly what you want. When you find your optimal picks, copy/paste them into an e-mail to our scheduling team at: and our scheduling team will reply to you within 12 hours with a confirmation if selected.

1) Visit Open Offers Page (don't fret, we'll remind you if you forget) 2) E-mail your selected jobs to Scheduling Team 3) Wait for confirmation e-mails 4) Life as a Simply Interpreter, what will I do with that extra time?

What's More? Special reminders, just for you...

The Simply Customer Service team will send you an assignment reminder the day before every assignment and a text message confirmation the morning of. Please be responsive and let us know how your assignments went and the duration to assist us in invoicing.

I want more work...RUSH and last minute assignments

Yes, please, we do too! Demonstrate your availability to us, and we'll fill your schedule. We often have back to back assignments and the ability to place last minute rushes in conjunction with normal assignments to fill your schedule. We have some Interpreters who handle 100 assignments per month! Make yourself known to the scheduling team and they'll reward you with a full schedule. Enjoy!


Pay Day

Oh yes! Pay Day. Oh no, paperwork nightmare?!? I need to sit down for 2 days to prepare 50 invoices. Not with Simply Interpreting. Just one invoice per month gets you paid!

The Simply Way!

Submit one invoice at the end of the month, and your hard earned money will be direct deposited into your account within 30 days. Our payment terms are simple, stable and consistent. 30 days from month-end. And need not to worry, if you forget to send us your invoice, you'll receive a friendly reminder!

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